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Grand Cozy Hotels is a boutique business hotel brand of the Nanjing Grand Group of hotels. This brand is a leader in providing lifestyle themed hotel room experience for our guests in an affordable and comfortable setting.  The décor of our Cozy Hotels are always shaped by the local human and natural landscapes of the cities in which they are located in.  This Grand Cozy Hotel chain is dedicated to providing our guests with good facilities such as stable and accessible wi-fi connections and warm cozy guest rooms. 

Grand Cozy Hotel HongJia is a boutique business hotel designed with the garden and buddhist features.This is also a hotel which has a elegant environment.It is the best choice of your business、travelling、vocation.
Adress:NO.32 ShiGu Road,Qinhuai District,NanJing



Grand Cozy Hotel Qin Huai is a hotel that features the culture of traditional Chinese Keju era. (this is confusing) Staying in this hotel gives its guests the experience of the lifestyle of the old days.
Address:No.1 ZhuangYuanJing, QinHuai District, NanJing



Built by the Nanjing Grand Group, the Grand Cozy Hotel Yuehai is a comprehensive hotel with features of old Guangdong landscape and it provides both excellent dining and guest choices to its guests and diners. 
Address:No.7-1 Sunshine Square,GuLou Distric,NanJing