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Established during the reign of Emperor Daoguang (r.1820 -1850) of the Qing Dynasty, the Maxiangxing Restaurant had grown by leaps and bounds as its reputation spread among the local people for more than 160 years.   Throughout the vicissitudes of life, the cuisine of Maxiangxing never change its flavours as it superbly blends the Muslim flavours of the northern-western region with the original food ingredients of the south. As a result, Maxiangxing Restaurant has become a leading light in the Chinese Muslim southern school of cooking with its lingering flavor of its cuisine left on the diners’ palate. Among its most popular dishes are the 美人肝(Beauty’s Liver), 凤尾虾(Shrimp), 蛋烧卖(Egg Dumplings) and松鼠鱼(Squirrel Fish)”,

As a leading landmark on Nanjing’s socio-cultural landscape, the restaurant has won many awards over the years. Among them are:
1.China’s Time-Honoured Brand
2.China’s Well-Known Trademark
3.Famous Trademark of Jiangsu Province
4.Intangible Cultural Heritage of Jiangsu Province
Essential Information: No. 32 North Yunnan Road, Gulou District, Nanjing

Contactable at 025-83286388