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A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Nanjing Grand Group, the Lv Liu Ju Muslim Food Co. (LLJ) is a food processing enterprise occupying a land area of 18,000 square metres in the Tangshan Industrial Zone in the eastern suburb of Nanjing. It has very reachable and convenient transport access.
The Lv Liu Ju Food Manufacturing Plant under the aegis of Lv Liu Ju Muslim Food Co. Ltd is the largest halal-certified food production plant in the eastern region of China.  Its modern production lines adheres to the highest international food safety standards during the manufacturing processes that produce marinated food items, pot-stewed food, unique daily rice and wheat products, Chinese pastries and vacuum-packed ready-to-eat food. The Lv Liu Ju range of food products is very popular all over South China being sold in supermarkets in big cities and direct-sale stores in small towns.
The Lv Liu Ju range of food products had garnered numerous accolades and awards over the years. These awards at municipal, provincial and national levels include the Jiangsu Famous Trademark Award and the China Time-Honored Brand awarded by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. With such a ringing endorsement of its quality and safe wholesome to eat food products of Lv Liu Ju, the company has started on an expansion path by reaching out to other regional markets in China as well as seeking to establish a foothold overseas through enlarging its customer network. 
With more than 500 skilled and dedicated management and technical personnel in its payrolls, the company seeks to ensure that its food production processes are of international standards and streamlined to produce halal-certified food products to a high quality by adhering to the criteria set out in the ISO9001 and ISO 2000 International Quality Management System requirements. The company has also attained the State Food Quality and Safety System Certification (QS Certification). 
United and focused in fulfilling its mission of maintaining the century-old heritage of Lv Liu Ju Muslim food, the company seeks to continue producing more quality food products for a quality life for both its loyal and new customers.

Address:Weisi Road,Jiangning District,NanJing