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Nanjing Peng Jia Property Management Company Ltd (PJPMC) is a wholly-owned Nanjing Grand Group company with a National Level 2 Property Management Qualification that focuses on management of property, estate and facilities of both our parent company and our clients. PJPMC has both the expertise and experience in managing residential projects as big as 300,000 square metres and non-residential projects as large as 80,000 square metres. PJPMC is able to ensure the smooth operations of all its clients which range from residential communities, office buildings and commercial projects, industrial plants and mining enterprises to three first-class hospitals. To name three of its property management portfolio, PJPMC provides exterior environment cleaning services, elevator maintenance services, conference centre management, outpatient and integrated emergency services of the top hospital in Nanjing; as well as providing property management services to the Bond Department of Orthopaedics Hospital. (name sounds very weird) and logistical canteen management of Nanjing Stomatological Hospital.