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Sichuan Restaurant is the largest restaurant selling Sichuan cuisine in Jiangsu Province. Established in 1959, it has been honoured as The Best Sichuan Cuisine in Jinling.  Since its establishment, Sichuan Restaurant always takes the lead in providing delicious food in Nanjing.
In keeping with the times, the restaurant completed a makeover in May 2017 that enlarged its seating capacity to 1000. 
Sichuan Restaurant has six floors that catered to different types of dining experiences. On the first floor, it serves snacks – the famous Jiangnan snacks with traditional stalls all over the street in which the restaurant is located. It also sells the small steamed bun that is famous in Nanjing.
The next two floors of the second and third floors are occupied by the a la carte section of the restaurant with compartments and multiple function halls which can be used by groups of friends and families for celebrations as well as for business entertainment.
The dishes served in Sichuan Restaurant showed the wide variety of food offered to diners for consumption to meet every taste bud.In Sichuan Restaurant, we proudly serve almost 150 kinds of dishes including different Chinese tastes like “huaiyang, yueand”lu to meet different requirements. Finally on the top floor, there is a large luxury column free hall decorated in the elegant and fashionable style of bashanshushuithat can cater up to 30 tables to provide a memorable dining experience by ensuring diners get a sense of joie de vivre.

Essential Information: No.171 Taiping South Road, Nanjing
Contactable at 025-84402008