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Newly rebuilt by the Nanjing Grand Group in May 2017, the Laoguangdong Restaurant has a seating capacity of 500 in an operating area of more than 2400 square metres located on 7-1, Sunshine Square, Gulou District in a 4-storey building. 
This restaurant was established in 1945 by the Chief of Wangjingwei family on Site 86, Lane 1, Zhongshan Road and its specialty dishes are Hundun noodles and Guangzhou-flavoured chicken. Its Hundun noodles are renowned for its quality which set it apart from the rest of Hundun noodles so much so that it is known as “King of the Hundun” Among its other specialty dishes over the years are roasted goose, roasted duck, the rice of king and many other Guangdong-flavoured dishes.  This is because its original founder was born in the southern province of Guangdong. 
In addition to its longstanding dishes, the restaurant has created new dish offerings for its diners. These 8 new popular dishes currently on its menu are sliced roasted duck with pineapples, Wangcong shrimp, Fresh milk dessert, Crispy fried meat balls, fish cake, chicken with wine, mixed WHAT stew and mandarin fish
Address:No.7-1 Sunshine Square,GuLou Distric,NanJing