Nanjing City Service Training Centre (NCSTC)
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The Nanjing City Service Training Centre (NCSTC) is a private educational institutional in Nanjing dedicated to vocational training. It specialized in training people to be excellent service staff working in restaurants and providing room service in hotels. It is also involved in training people to prepare Chinese cuisine and Chinese pastries, to take professional photos among other works.  It is also China’s first national professional skill appraisal centre of various vocations assessing trainees’ capabilities in Chinese cooking, Chinese-style pastries, housekeeping, photography and so on.  Once trainees pass the assessment stage, they can be issued Technical Vocational Certificates for Workers by the National Labour and Social Security Ministry as well as the Ministry of Personnel’s Certificate for Workers.  The NCSTC is also a training centre under the aegis of the Nanjing Social Council; dedicated to providing three levels of skill training (basic, medium and advanced) on different vocational skills such as Chinese cooking, cashier checking, restaurant waiter, housekeeping, photographers, laundromat duties and so on. In addition to the above, the NCSTC also served as a continuing education centre for logistics personnel.

Essential Information: 255 Jian Ning Road, Gulou District, Nanjing, China