A Celebration of the Successful Topping Out of The New Expansion Wing of the Nanjing Grand Hotel
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On a wonderful Saturday of 26 May 2018, a ceremony was held to commemorate the topping out ceremony of the new expansion wing of the Nanjing Grand Hotel. This new wing consists of new floors of parking lots and a new convention center with ballroom facilities.


Present at this cheerful and joyous ceremony was the Chairman of Nanjing Grand Group Mr. Yan Dunzhi. He was accompanied by members of the Board of Directors of the conglomerate and the representatives of the engineering company to witness this historic topping out ceremony.


At the start of the ceremony, Chairman Yan together with General Manager of Nanjing Grand Hotel Ms. Shao Haiyun cut the ceremonial ribbons together with the unveiling of two prosperity banners. These two banners gloriously proclaimed two wonderful couplets of abundant prosperity to come, “We ascend higher and higher with the large crossbeam” and “We want more and more lucky blessings with the rising of the Jade Pillar”. As the banners waved gently in the breeze, Chairman Yan led the directors to pray to the heavens for continual blessings of good luck on NGG.  

This expansion wing project was embarked from 22 June 2017 as NGG seeks to maintain the competitive edge of its flagship hotel Nanjing Grand Hotel in an increasingly global environment. During the period of construction, the project owner which is NGG sought to work closely together hand in hand with the appointed architectural company, the engineering company, the construction firm and other relevant departments of the conglomerate in order to ensure the resolution of many technical challenges that arose. Considering the importance of this expansion project to the future brand positioning of NGG and the Nanjing Grand Hotel, it was indeed a cause for celebration when the quality materials used in this new wing combined with superior engineering techniques combined to ensure that the last large crossbeam of the roof was put in place securely. May the Nanjing Grand Group continue to grow stronger and stronger in the years to come with this new economic base of progress and prosperity!