A new journey begins with the grand opening of JUGEND STIL in June 2018
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As the first of the newly rejuvenated youthful brand known as JUGEND STIL, it augurs well for the future when the Nanjing Grand Group (NGG) took a momentous step by thinking out of the box to set up a restaurant inside a top-tier shopping mall.  This is in line with the strategy of NGG Chairman Yan Dunzhi of “identifying the target, set the goal and take steps to aim accurately at the goal” and this new project of NGG was a big step in that direction of expanding the market penetration of NGG’s Sichuan Restaurant brand.

Located at the 3rd Floor of the spanking new Wanda Mall in Xianlin and decorated in the special local style of the Jing Area together with views of the bamboo groves of Jiangnan, JUGEND STIL is a restaurant filled with youthful ambience. Indeed during the pre-opening stage, Group General Manager Mr. Chen Kang visited the restaurant site many times to personally supervise its renovations while Deputy General Manager of the Food & Beverage Catering Division Mr. Zhang Zhijun spent hours discussing with the chefs the various aspects of the dining experience from the ingredients of new dishes and the layout of the menu as well as the choice of new dinnerware sets. In addition to the above, new marketing plans were devised to fit into a new operational system which includes diners of JUGEND STIL placing orders via WeChat.


 Staff was given stringent hands-on training by the General Manager of the main Sichuan Restaurant Ms. Zhao Xiaomei. Prior to its grand opening on 1st June 2018, seminars were conducted by her to inculcate in the young staff the need to be always on the toes to render tip-top service to future diners of the soon-to-be-opened JUGEND STIL restaurant by ensuring top quality food preparation from the kitchen to serving the customers well and attentively at the tables as well as the smooth running of the wireless Internet network to support the WeChat ordering system. Only then, JUGEND STIL was deemed to be ready for opening day’s business.