O Rejoice! How Great and Grand is this moment of celebration for our Grand Group!
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About 3 decades ago, the groundbreaking of the Nanjing Grand Hotel took place on Sunday 18 March 1990 and construction continued apace. Eventually the flagship hotel of the Nanjing Grand Group was officially opened for business on Friday 28 May 1993. This premier hotel thus provides the foundation on which the establishment of the conglomerate that is known as the Nanjing Grand Group and this momentous event took place on Tuesday 1 July 2004.  

From being a single tall and strong tree of being the flagship hotel, the Nanjing Grand Hotel has blossomed and bloomed into a healthy forest of leafy trees that are always filled with blessings for the people nestling underneath its strong branches over the past 25 years of operations. Guided by its corporate motto of Quality products for a quality life, the young company was thus geared for gradual success by having all its employees being motivated to create history for NGG in whatever they do.

On this historic day of Saturday 26 May 2018, on the site of the flagship Nanjing Grand Hotel, Chairman Yan Dunshi and his top management staff attended a topping out ceremony to witness the last large crossbeam being loaded into position and the roof being topped out. Two red banners with wonderful couplets of abundant prosperity to come, “We ascend higher and higher with the large crossbeam” and “We want more and more lucky blessings with the rising of the Jade Pillar” were also unveiled to highlight the optimism of NGG for the future.

In this momentous year of 2018, we who are part of Nanjing Grand Group are fortunate enough to be part of the Grand Times that are ahead of us. This is especially so important with many vital and significant projects awaiting us to achieve and complete when we put aside our own personal gains and losses for the greater common good of helping the company to grow and flourish with our sincere hearts and hard work.

As time passes by, the conglomerate that is our company Nanjing Grand Group has been running and operating smoothly. It has been an exciting passage of time filled with both joy and sorrow that is evident in building such an illustrious commercial enterprise. As witnessed by the city spotlights that line the streets of Nanjing from north to south and criss-crossing from east to west in an expanding metropolitan environment, so too does the Nanjing Grand Group expands its horizons beyond Jiangsu.  

On Monday 28 May 2018, we in Nanjing Grand Group will celebrate and rejoice together as one with hopeful hearts and cheerful spirits the bright future of two companies within the Group as we partake of its birthday celebrations.