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Brainchild of Yan Dunzhi, Chairman of the Nanjing Grand Group (NGG), the Nanjing Mingde Foundation was officially established on Friday 18 December 2015 as a symbol of NGG’s corporate social responsibility to the society around them. Indeed with the first tranche of a RMB 2 million charity fund from NGG, the Nanjing Mingde Foundation was founded with a vision of uplifting the less fortunate members of the hotel and catering staff.

To reiterate what Chairman Yan had said, the purpose of the Nanjing Mingde Foundation is to pay it forward what the Chinese people had been doing since time immemorial – that of caring for the needy people of the community around them by tapping on the noble spirit of humanity in helping its fellow men in times of need. Just as NGG carries out its vision of ‘concentrating on the humanity by making quality products for a quality life”, likewise the Nanjing Mingde Foundation carries out its responsibility of helping those in need as to alleviate its suffering. In this respect, the Nanjing Mingde Foundation is the reflection of Nanjing Grand Group’s heart of corporate social responsibility. After all, the Foundation is dedicated to helping staff in the catering industry who are facing difficulties as well as aiding people who are socially disheartened and economically distressed after the outbreaks of natural disasters in the area.   NGG through the Nanjing Mingde Foundation seeks to show its caring heart well for the greater good of promoting social harmony and economic development for the greater good of the people.

In the three years since its establishment, the Nanjing Mingde Foundation has gotten stronger and stronger in carrying out its vision of paying it forward to benefit the community around them.  With each passing year, the Foundation has organized more and more charitable activities.  This enables the Nanjing Grand Group to gain greater recognition of its leading role as the vanguard of the Nanjing Hospitality Industry through the charitable activities of its Nanjing Mingde Foundation.

On the afternoon of Thursday 28 June 2018 at Xuanwu Hall, a ceremony organized by the Nanjing Mingde Foundation was held to present a study grant to the daughter of Mr. Zhang Chuanzhi, an employee of the Nanjing Grand Hotel working in the catering department who is now currently on long-term medical leave.  The ceremony was officiated by Ms. Yao Qiuming, Director of the Nanjing Mingde Foundation and Ms. Shao Haiyun, the General Manager of the Nanjing Grand Hotel.


An employee of the Nanjing Grand Hotel working in the Catering Department, Mr. Zhang Chuanzhi was stricken with diabetes in 2016. Upon hearing this news, the top management of NGG’s flagship hotel showed their care and concern for him by arranging for a long-term medical leave. However Mr. Zhang’s problem was compounded by the fact that his wife was also not in good health and the family income was not sufficient. This caused the family to worry even more especially since the family received the wonderful news that their daughter was admitted to the Kangda College of Nanjing Medical University. Subsequently the family tried to ask for a loan from NGG to pay for their daughter’s university tuition fees.  However when Chairman Yan was informed of this situation, he immediately arranged for a donation of RMB 20,000 through the Nanjing Mingde Foundation as a study grant for the daughter of Mr. Zhang Chuanzhi to fulfill her dream of getting a university degree.    

Chairman Yan had emphasized many times that when one helps other people in need, one is in fact helping oneself.  Hence as NGG grows and develops in the years to come, NGG will seek to pay it forward by helping people in need.  A true leader leads by example and Chairman Yan himself has guided NGG to help many students in financial difficulties as well as less fortunate staff in the food catering industry via different means. In doing so, NGG has from the start been fulfilling and will continue to fulfill the sacred promise made by Chairman Yan to be a more socially responsible corporate citizen of the community it operates in.  At this juncture, it is pertinent to recall what his sacred promise is – it is to ensure that no one staff of NGG in the food catering industry will be disadvantaged by their unexpected financial situations and help will be rendered to them or their family members in order for them to be happier and more effective in their work for the company.