Nanjing Grand Group has a corporate social responsibility to provide quality life among the less fortunate in Nanjing and its metropolitan area.  It has received numerous praises and accolades. Since the establishment of the Group, it has fulfilled its obligations to the community at large by doing the following acts of love and kindness: 
1. by donating and assisting 6 Hope Schools
2. by establishing the Jian Ning Primary School Fulfilling Dreams Education Fund
3. by sponsoring Nanjing Gao Xiao Meng Ju sports activities in an effort to support traditional sports of China.
4. by sponsoring China's Tae-Kwan-Do championship tournament
5. by assisting the handicapped in  their job placements
6. by donating funds  for the  underprivileged,  the aged,  the disadvantaged students as well as helping families with difficulties, relieving the suffering of people at the zone of natural disasters in Nanjing and its metropolitan area,
7. by contributing funds to old folks homes,  minority races groups and provincial and city-level Islamic associations.